Pastoral and development

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The Catholic Church was founded in Cameroon in 1890 by the creation of the Apostolic Prefecture of Cameroon,
which fifteen years later became the Apostolic Vicariate of Cameroon,
 and Yaoundé became his headquarters in 1905.
 The creation of the Church Hierarchy in Cameroon took place on September 14, 1955.
 Cameroon was then for the Archdiocese of Yaoundé, the metropolis of all other dioceses that are suffragans.
 In April 1982, Bamenda with Archbishop Paul VERDZEKOV, Douala with Archbishop Simon TONYE and Garoua with Archbishop Archdiocese Plumey
 by His Holiness Pope John Paul II (Saint John Paul II) as Archbishop. The diocese of Bertoua was built on March 17, 1983.
From the diocese of Doumé.  Part of its territory was separated on May 20, 1991, to form the Diocese of Batouri, and again on February 3, 1994,  To create the diocese of Yokadouma. November 11, 1994. He was raised to the rank of an archdiocese. The diocese covers 26 320 km2.
It dries the dioceses of Batouri, Doume-Abong-Mbang and Yokadouma. In 2019, it has forty-six parishes grouped into eight pastoral zones.      
Bp Mgr Lambert van Heygen
• March 17, 1983-03 June 1999: Bishop Lambert van Heygen

Bp Mgr Roger Pirenne 2
    • June 3, 1999 - December 3, 2009: Roger Pirenne, MA

Biskup Joseph Atanga    • From December 3, 2009: Bishop Joseph Atanga